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By: Joel Goodman

Prepare to Upgrade your OCP to 12c and other Certification news

Posted by Joel Goodman on 13/03/2014

I have been involved for over 18 months now in writing and reviewing various Oracle Database 12c Certtification exams and am pleased to inform OCPs that the Oracle Certification programme will begin releasing Exam Prep Seminars for the 12c track.

The first one to be released will be the Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Exam Prep Seminar, which is a single-exam for OCPs  who hold earlier versions of Oracle Database Certification  from  Oracle7.3, Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle Databases 10g or 11g.  IN the past this would have required more than one exam for some OCPs who were too many releases behind.

My colleague and fellow OCM, Gwen Lazenby is the Oracle University Subject Matter Expert who features in the Exam prep seminar and you can get a quick preview of the seminar here. The seminar will be available in a few weeks.

This seminar can  you to prepare for the Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060) exam.

Look out for more posts about new Oracle Database 12c Certifications in the Oracle Certified Expert and Oracle Certified Master series this year.





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