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Become a Master of Oracle 12c

Posted by Joel Goodman on 27/04/2016

Oracle Database 12c: Administrator Certified Master

Technology moves on, and to keep pace with it, so should you.

If you are an Oracle Certified professional in Oracle Database 12c administration then you have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to do the job. To demonstrate mastery of both theoretical and practical aspects of Oracle 12c database administration, you should consider becoming an Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Administrator.

According to InfoWorld, ‘In 2015, IT job growth is expected to outpace the overall economy, benefiting those with proven skills. You can demonstrate that  your  knowledge has advanced to the next level of of database system administration in basic and advanced configurations. This can help you to  Stand out from the rest! 

Candidates must hold  the following prior certification to take this exam:

Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

You can review the exam topics by going here and clicking on the exam topics tab.

Recommended Preparation

The best way to prepare is by attending the Oracle Database 12c OCM Prep Workshop which will be available in May 2016. Other courses that will help you to prepare are:

Prepare to succeed in going to the next level.


London April 2016


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Oracle University Provides the Best Test Fests

Posted by Joel Goodman on 04/08/2015

Oracle University Certification Exams Are once again available at Test Fests at various events.

Last year at the TECH14 and APPS14 conferences, the UK Oracle User Group ran the 2014 Test Fest after a gap of several years and this year at the UKOUG TEC1H15, APPS15 and JD Edwards15 conferences the 2015 Test Fest returns bigger and better than last year.

The German Oracle User Group also plans a Test Fest for 2015.

These Test Fests offer discount vouchers For Oracle University Certification Exams to attendees where the discount may vary depending on the size of the event. For Oracle Partner Exams there might be bigger discounts up to 100%, on a selected list of OPN exams.

Test Fests are perfect for those people who attend either conferences or other Oracle Events where such Exam Fests have been Organised. It permits attendees to sit certification exams whilst attending the event and possibly to  sit your exams at one time, in one place, thereby saving time and money rather than travelling to a Pearson Vue test centre. All exams will be held in a private room at the event,  within the conference centre with a
qualified proctor. There are a fixed number of appointments each day and the number of seats in the Test Fest room and the number of appointments will vary based on the size of the event.

Getting the Best from A Test Fest

Conferences and events hosting Test Fests will promote the Test Fest on their web pages and on social media. This will allow you to know if a Test Fest is running at an event you plan to attend.

To get the best from a Test Fest, prepare. Some very experienced people will sit an exam and will score very highly but exams cover a wide range of topics in a particular area and  you should not take an exam if you are not properly prepared.  Some people are very good at the 20 to 40 percent of a product that they use but not at the other 60 to 80 percent. So be prepared. To take advantage of the discount vouchers it’s best to decide in advance which exams you plan to sit, then use the time between your decision and the date of the event  to practice the  technology with which you are less familiar.

Some Tips for Preparing

1. Go to the Certification Finder at:
2. Find your exam using the “Explore Oracle Certifications” tool or “Browse Certifications”
3. Select your exam and click to see more details
4. Click on the Course Topics tab in the pop up window
5. Create a gap analysis by comparing your everyday skills to the exam topic list
6. Create a prioritised plan for revision based on your gaps.

So look out for an OU Test Fest at an event near you and best of success in passing your exams.

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UKOUG and OU Team up at Annual Conference

Posted by Joel Goodman on 21/11/2014

The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is hosting the Tech14 and Apps14 conferences jointly in Liverpool this year and I am proud to have been involved in organising the Oracle University Certification Exam  Test Fest.  

User Group members attending the conference and who book in advance for one of the 120 available exam slots will get a 50% discount. Please see for details.

I will be presenting twice on Super Sunday at the Oak Table World event, as well as hosting 3 round table events during the main conference.

There will be a big lineup of speakers, including Oak Table members, Oracle Ace Directors, Oracle Product Managers, and Oracle specialists from around the world.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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Oracle DBA Certification Upgrades its Upgrade!

Posted by Joel Goodman on 16/09/2014

In a recent post on Oracle Certifications, Matthew Morris  discussed the new DBA OCA to OCP Upgrade exams in his post on Release Jumping. 

His post is thorough in explaining the benefits of jumping from Oracle 9i, or 10g or 11g OCA to 12c OCP, or from 9i OCA or 10g OCA to 11g OCP in a single exam, whilst at the same time explaining that the jump exams are longer, somewhat more difficult and result in only a single certification. 

I mainly agree with this excellent post but would like to discuss the points that are described as being on the “Negative Side” in the post:

  1. Size – It should be expected that an exam spanning technology from multiple releases would contain more items than a conventional upgrade exam that spans a single release.  It was not the intention that a candidate would prep less than for a single exam, only that The Oracle Certification Team provide a single exam rather than requiring two exams. A candidate must still demonstrate that they have the knowledge or skill and it is therefore not a “negative” in my view, but an expected consequence of having a single exam covering multiple releases. Never the less, Matthew is 100% correct in pointing out that the candidate must dedicate more prep time for either of the jump exams than they might for a single exam.
  2. Return – If a candidate simply wants 12c OCP, then this is not a problem at all, I don’t know how many upgrade candidates might wish to have both 11g OCP and 12c OCP, or perhaps even 10g OCP through 12c OCP, but 10g certifications are old now and when someone has OCP at a later release (12c for example) it usually implies that they are capable of administering Oracle databases at an earlier version, Since the exam contains items on the earlier releases, it can be argued that the OCP at the later release implies that the candidate is also capable at the earlier release. Since I was involved in the exam blueprints, where we define the requirements, I know that people passing this exam will be skillful in administering all the releases to which the exam relates.
  3. Difficulty – The difficulty of the exam stems from the same thing as the increased size. The exams are not more difficult per se, than any of the traditional cross release upgrade exams. The items are written the same way and to the same standards. The exam is only more difficult in the sense that it covers more skills, and is longer, and therefore requires more preparation. It is however not more difficult than sitting two separate exams which would be the alternative upgrade path. But as in the case of size discussed earlier Matthew is correct to point out the challenge facing the candidate in preparing for either exam iz0-034 or izo-067.

Matthew’s discussion of the positive side is mainly accurate in my view, but does contain one curious statement. Under the heading of Time, it states that “…the fact that you can focus on a single exam has the potential to reduce the time spent preparing. But in the “Negative Side” section in the Size section it states that ” Candidates that try to get by with their standard prep time are likely to find themselves in deep trouble on test day.” And under the Difficulty section it states ” This means that certification candidates need to be extra vigilant in preparing for them.” These statements seem to be contradictory – on the one had stating that one might be able to spend less time preparing but on the other, saying that they might be in trouble if they do. 

In my view, the candidate must prepare properly and should not expect that they can reduce the amount of time spent in doing so.

I hope that Matthew’s post is useful and that this review helps to clarify the situation regarding these exams.


London 09/2014



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Prepare to Upgrade your OCP to 12c and other Certification news

Posted by Joel Goodman on 13/03/2014

I have been involved for over 18 months now in writing and reviewing various Oracle Database 12c Certtification exams and am pleased to inform OCPs that the Oracle Certification programme will begin releasing Exam Prep Seminars for the 12c track.

The first one to be released will be the Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Exam Prep Seminar, which is a single-exam for OCPs  who hold earlier versions of Oracle Database Certification  from  Oracle7.3, Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle Databases 10g or 11g.  IN the past this would have required more than one exam for some OCPs who were too many releases behind.

My colleague and fellow OCM, Gwen Lazenby is the Oracle University Subject Matter Expert who features in the Exam prep seminar and you can get a quick preview of the seminar here. The seminar will be available in a few weeks.

This seminar can  you to prepare for the Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060) exam.

Look out for more posts about new Oracle Database 12c Certifications in the Oracle Certified Expert and Oracle Certified Master series this year.




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Tales from #oug_ire 2014

Posted by Joel Goodman on 13/03/2014

Was delighted to join my colleague and fellow Oakie Uwe Hesse, at this years Irish Oracle User Group conference in Dublin.

Uwe posted this morning on this here.

Was also pleased to catch up with Tom Kyte on the one day Optimizer seminar on the day after the conference.

Looking forward to working again with Uwe, Tom and others at future EMEA conferences.



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Upcoming User Groups and Conferences

Posted by Joel Goodman on 19/02/2014

I will be presenting on Oracle 12c Clusterware New Features at the next UKOUG AIM SIG on April 2nd  2014 at Thames Valley Park.

Also will be at the Finnish Oracle User Group Conference on June 5th and 6th in Helsinki, and at the Bulgarian User Group Conference on June 13th to 15th 2014 presenting on:

  • Global Resource Coordination in RAC 
  • Oracle 12c Automatic Data Optimization

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Join Oracle University at OUG Ireland 2014

Posted by Joel Goodman on 13/02/2014

I will be presenting at OUG Ireland along with my colleague Uwe Hesse on Tuesday 11th of March

and also at the OUG Ireland 12c Workshop on Wednesday 12th March.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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Speaking of Which……

Posted by Joel Goodman on 21/11/2013

Presented a talk on Global Resource Coordination at the German Oracle User Group Conference this week. Met many of my fellow Oak Table member there who presented on a wide variety of topics

Next stop is the UKOUG  Tech13 conference in Manchester where I will present a Parallel Execution Master Class length Oracle University lesson on Wednesday morning.

Also presenting at the Oak Table World UK 2013 conference.

Hope to see some of you at the upcoming events.

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UKOUG New Feature(s)

Posted by Joel Goodman on 30/09/2013

The UKOUG Tech13 conference will be held in Manchester this year and a new feature for the conference launch is that of the Featured Speaker of the week, in the weeks leading up to the event.

I am pleased to have been chosen as the first Featured Speaker last week and that my Oracle colleague Iloon Ellen-Wolff is the second Featured Speaker this week. Iloon  Teaches Apex for Oracle University, in addition to her global support role in Oracle.




Look out for other featured Speakers in the weeks leading up to the conference. I look forward to seeing friends and colleagues at the conference.



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