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About Joel Goodman

About Me

In the DBA Classroom

In the DBA Classroom

My name is Joel Goodman from  Oracle University EMEA based in the UK. I am the Technical Team Leader for Core Technology Delivery in EMEA but specialise in Oracle Database Administrators (DBA)  using the Oracle server and associated products such as Oracle Enterprise Linux. I am also the global technical team leader for the Oracle Database Certification Exam Development team. I am an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) from releases 7.3 to 11g and an Oracle Certified Master (OCM) on Oracle 9i and 10g.

I teach DBA courses and seminars  for Oracle mostly in Northern Europe and also am a regular presenter at the UK Oracle User Group DBA oriented Special Interst Groups (SIGs). I am also a member of the Oak Table network of Oracle Professionals.

About this Blog

I will use this Blog primarily to discuss Oracle database related topics of interest to DBAs  attending Oracle University courses and seminars,  and user group sessions but I welcome other Oracle DBAs as well.

My intention is to post a couple of times each month and share useful information with you. I will also upload my user group presentations and articles I (co-)wrote over the last few years.


2 Responses to “About Joel Goodman”

  1. […] given by others, on how to make our Harmony 2015, even a better event. Thanks Oyvind Isene, and Joel Goodman for taking your time and bringing some thoughts about this. Also thanks to all the attendees that […]

  2. Stephen Kagaruki said

    I,m glad to know you, my dream is to become OCP11g,and then OCE RAC,and OCE OracleLinux as of now i have just completed the first exam for oracle SQL where i scored 100%,i`m also Red Hat certified Technician for RHEL4.
    What is your advice or comments on this plan? How do you find it being the OCM does it gives you what you deserve?

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