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Oracle University Provides the Best Test Fests

Posted by Joel Goodman on 04/08/2015

Oracle University Certification Exams Are once again available at Test Fests at various events.

Last year at the TECH14 and APPS14 conferences, the UK Oracle User Group ran the 2014 Test Fest after a gap of several years and this year at the UKOUG TEC1H15, APPS15 and JD Edwards15 conferences the 2015 Test Fest returns bigger and better than last year.

The German Oracle User Group also plans a Test Fest for 2015.

These Test Fests offer discount vouchers For Oracle University Certification Exams to attendees where the discount may vary depending on the size of the event. For Oracle Partner Exams there might be bigger discounts up to 100%, on a selected list of OPN exams.

Test Fests are perfect for those people who attend either conferences or other Oracle Events where such Exam Fests have been Organised. It permits attendees to sit certification exams whilst attending the event and possibly to  sit your exams at one time, in one place, thereby saving time and money rather than travelling to a Pearson Vue test centre. All exams will be held in a private room at the event,  within the conference centre with a
qualified proctor. There are a fixed number of appointments each day and the number of seats in the Test Fest room and the number of appointments will vary based on the size of the event.

Getting the Best from A Test Fest

Conferences and events hosting Test Fests will promote the Test Fest on their web pages and on social media. This will allow you to know if a Test Fest is running at an event you plan to attend.

To get the best from a Test Fest, prepare. Some very experienced people will sit an exam and will score very highly but exams cover a wide range of topics in a particular area and  you should not take an exam if you are not properly prepared.  Some people are very good at the 20 to 40 percent of a product that they use but not at the other 60 to 80 percent. So be prepared. To take advantage of the discount vouchers it’s best to decide in advance which exams you plan to sit, then use the time between your decision and the date of the event  to practice the  technology with which you are less familiar.

Some Tips for Preparing

1. Go to the Certification Finder at:
2. Find your exam using the “Explore Oracle Certifications” tool or “Browse Certifications”
3. Select your exam and click to see more details
4. Click on the Course Topics tab in the pop up window
5. Create a gap analysis by comparing your everyday skills to the exam topic list
6. Create a prioritised plan for revision based on your gaps.

So look out for an OU Test Fest at an event near you and best of success in passing your exams.


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