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By: Joel Goodman

How Does Oracle Certification Help DBAs

I am often asked about Oracle DBA Certification when teaching courses and seminars for Oracle, when presenting at user groups, or when on customer sites. There have been many articles written about the benefits of certification for employees and for employers but on this page I will be discussing how certification has helped me in the DBA classroom and at a later stage I will discuss how it has helped students I have taught. This I hope, will be of benefit not only to trainers but to anyone who does mentoring or performs knowledge transfer in any capacity involving Oracle Databases.

The Benefits of DBA Certification to Me in the Classroom

Oracle DBA courses cover a wide range of topics from basic administration to advanced topics including RAC, Data Guard, Streams, Data Warehouse Admin, Security and others. Delegates who attend a particular course will often be using one or more features of the Oracle server not covered on the particular course being attended. But they may ask questions about those skill areas and features either because they already use those features and want more details, or because they wish for help and guidance in deciding whether or not to deploy a particular feature of the Oracle Database.

I have often stated to my students in regard to questions they ask that “It is likely that from time to time, I will not know the answer; it is unacceptable however,  if I don’t understand the question “.

In order to understand as many questions and have as many answers as I can, my solution has always been to revise for and to teach a wide range of DBA courses and seminars, and in doing so, to gain as much collateral skill as possible. In this way I hope to be prepared to understand most questions and to provide answers on Oracle DBA and related technologies  regardless of which course or seminar I am delivering.

How did the Oracle DBA Certification Programme help me?

The Oracle DBA Certification Track starting with OCA then OCP and finally OCM provided me with a structured approach to learning the technology which perhaps would have been absent otherwise. OCM in particular defines a skill set covering a wide range of Oracle Database technology areas andpreparing for OCM has provided me with many of the answers I require in the classroom.

I believe that any DBA requiring such a wide set of skills would benefit in the same way as I have done. Oracle DBA freelance consultants, Oracle’s own consualtants and support staff and of course DBA trainers all come to mind. So although certification is not required for everyone and some do not see the value, others who wish to “Understand the Questions” and to “Have Most of the Answers” will benefit greatly and have many have done so already.


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  2. dbasv said

    It is not, unless it is your first DBA job

  3. rav said

    Can anyone tell how, this oracle certificate can help in getting a job…..

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