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By: Joel Goodman

Seminars for DBAs

Experienced DBAs have often told me that that the cost of a course does not necessarily preventing them from attending courses but that it is often  difficult to spend time away from work due to their responsibilities.  It is therefore no surprise that courses lasting from three to five days are difficult to attend for some especially experienced people.

When I present seminars for Oracle University or deliver talks for the UK Oracle User Group DBAs often comment on the benefits of the shorter forms of knowledge transfer, so this page will list upcoming seminars that may be of interest to DBAs. The Celebrity Seminar series is presented by well known Oracle experts from both inside and outside of Oracle, and the DBA series in particular often features speakers known for their membership in the Oak Table network.

Here are some upcoming seminars in the UK:

Breaking Oracle 11g: Simulating Failures for Testing and Practice with Jeremiah Wilton 7-8 April, London, UK
In this seminar you will learn how to induce realistic problems, including hangs, spins, crashes and corruptions on a running Oracle 11g instance, followed by effective techniques for diagnosing and resolving faults. More Details.

Advanced Materialized Views with Martin Jensen 23 April, 2009 in London Materialized Views are as important to Business Intelligence systems as Indexes are to OLTP systems. This seminar will discuss when and how Materialized Views should be considered and show how they work. The seminar will also discuss and show query rewrite enhancements from 10gR2 and various tuning aspects of MVs.

In Ireland

Writing Optimal SQL with Jonathan Lewis 10th February 2009, Dublin
This seminar examines two areas. Firstly: how to improve the performance of a production system by attacking inefficient SQL, and secondly: how to design a system so that you can get data into and out of it efficiently


Oracle 10g Performance Analysis with Doug Burns 27-28 April 2009, Dublin
Key Performance Analysis and Tuning principles apply regardless of the version of Oracle you’re using, but the new 10g automatic tuning features build on these principles to offer a new performance analysis approach. This master-class will show how to use these features in a structured way for maximum benefit in your environment.


Seminars by Jonathan Lewis in EMEA may be found here.


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  2. That is exactly what i plan to do.

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