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By: Joel Goodman

Train Your DBAs – From DBATRAIN

Posted by Joel Goodman on 12/10/2011

Last chance to contribute to the footprint of the new Oracle DBA training curriculum and certification track footprint.

The Job Task Analysis project survey closes at end of the month and will be used to help define the structure and content of the Oracle University curriculum for the next release. This covers the core DBA training curriculum, advanced topics such as Grid Infrastructure, RAC, Data Guard, Partitioning, Exadata Database Machine, Performance Management and much more.

There will of course be a certification track for OCA and OCP based on the core curriculum and several Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) exams based on advanced topics, and of course the Oracle Certified Master (OCM) exam.

I will be meeting with Harald van Breederode, Uwe Hesse and Branislav Valny from the Oracle University EMEA SME team, and with the DBA curriculum Managers from Oracle University to help create the blueprint for the next generation of training and certification paths.

Share your views by taking  this online survey and tell us what tasks are important to you.

Your input will assure that Oracle University courses and certification tracks, reflect the evolving skill set and job requirements of today’s DBA 2.0


October 2011


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