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By: Joel Goodman

Free Database Machine and Exadata Lunchtime Seminar

Posted by Joel Goodman on 07/12/2010

I will be giving a free lunchtime web based seminar on The Oracle Database Machine and Exadata at 12:30 CETon December 9th, 2010.

The Seminar will be an overview of the following:

  • Database Machine hardware
  • Database Machine benefits for OLTP and data warehouse workloads
  • Exadata Storage Server architecture
  • Exadata Smart Scan operations
  • Exadata I/O resource management
  • Exadata performance monitoring

The target audience includes:

  • System Administrators
  • Storage Administrators
  • Database Administrators

Here is the link for more information.

Registration may be made from the link.




2 Responses to “Free Database Machine and Exadata Lunchtime Seminar”

  1. There is a two day seminar and 3 day hands on course from Oracle University. Please see their web pages for details and availability.


  2. Hi Joel

    Thanks for publishing lot of good stuff on EXADATA. Is there any plan for another EXADATA seminar in near future ? How can i get some hands on experiance on EXADATA ? Unfortunately my current client is a IBM P series fan so work place is not an option.

    Many thanks

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