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More on Oracle Restart

Posted by Joel Goodman on 06/09/2010

In my last post entitled “Getting Started with Oracle Restart” I discussed the architecture of Oracle Restart, which is a component of Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server, and contrasted it with that of Oracle Clusterware, which is a component of Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster. I am pleased to note that Uwe Hesse,  my friend and colleague at Oracle University,  has written a post called “Data Guard & Oracle Restart in 11gR2” where he discusses in detail the use of Oracle Restart for Role Based Services in Data Guard. It is an excellent article on this feature of Data Guard,  and requires the use of Oracle Restart.

I think this is essential reading and follows on nicely from my article, so please visit Uwe’s blog and have a look.


September 2010

4 Responses to “More on Oracle Restart”

  1. if you disable has, then ASM instance will be shut down.
    Also I don’t understand how you can use Oracle Restart if you are in a clustered environment as it would be clusterware not Oracle Restart.

  2. Praveen Rao K said

    Hi Joel,
    I am planning to rename an ASM Diskgroup in a clustered environment with only one node now.

    Do I still need to disbale has (crsctl disable has) before starting the task?

    Praveen Rao K.

  3. David Burnham said

    Hi Joel,
    I really enjoyed your session on Oracle Restart at the UKOUG RAC & HA SIG yesterday. I’ve been looking at virtualisation of Oracle databases, as this is often promoted as a way of increasing their availability (Live migration and restart capabilities of failing VM’s). What has struck me is that the X86 virtualisation products (Oracle VM and VSphere 4 ) seem to be quite deficient in monitoring the database or the listener components. Maybe Oracle Restart could be a viable method for addressing this need. I’m not really convinced as to the case for virtualisation to increase availability – but it was clear from discussions yesterday, that many UKOUG members are being pressured to implement databases on virtualised infrastructure.
    Many thanks once again for your excellent and informative talk.

    David Burnham – UKOUG RAC & HA SIG Chair.

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