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By: Joel Goodman

The Benefits of Oracle Certification

Posted by Joel Goodman on 29/01/2010

Last year I posted three videos produced by my colleague Harold Green, from a talk I gave outlining the development process for Oracle DBA Certification exams including OCA, OCP, OCE and OCM. They described the process from design to completion of creating the exams and discussed the philosophy of the exam design. If you have not seen those videos before then you can find them here.

Harold had now produced another video, the first in a two part series on the benefits of Oracle Certification. In the first part I discuss the benefits to employees and explain what motivates DBAs and other to get certified. In the second part which will be released soon the benefits to employers are discussed.

Here is Part 1 covering Benefits to Employees

Here is Part 2 covering Benefits to Employers


8 Responses to “The Benefits of Oracle Certification”

  1. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this benefits ragarding Oracle Certification.

    Qadir Shaikh
    Visit at

  2. Highly recommended for both certification aspirants and employers

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