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By: Joel Goodman

Oracle Certification Exam Design

Posted by Joel Goodman on 13/08/2009

Are you preparing for your Oracle Certification tests? Or perhaps considering whether or not to sit the exams? If so then you might enjoy viewing my 3 part video series produced by my colleague Harold Green who is one of the senior Programme Managers for the Oracle Certification programme. This presentation describes the design philosophy and value of Oracle Certification tests and discusses how the development process has changed over time.
Understanding the process and the distinction between “Learner” and “Practitioner” tasks should assist anyone in preparing for OCA, OCP or OCE “Theory” style exams. If you are a DBA OCM candidate then I cover the development of “Performance” style exams separately in the presentation.

Here is Part 1 covering design philosophy:

Here is Part 2 describing the different style of questions known as “Items”:

Here is Part 3 dealing with OCM Exams.


6 Responses to “Oracle Certification Exam Design”

  1. oraes said

    Ah great, good to know I am reading the right documentation

    Thank you very much


  2. Alex

    Upgrade exam is currently on an 11gR1 environment. The 11g Full 2 day exam when released will be based on 11gR2.


  3. oraes said

    Hi Joel

    I asked this question precisely last week to and this is the answer I got:

    “Please note that the upgrade exam for the OCM is based on Release 2.”

    Confused! So is it R1 or R2…?



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