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By: Joel Goodman

Skills and Training Plans for New Oracle DBAs

Posted by Joel Goodman on 10/06/2009

After co-authoring an article on Performing a DBA 1.0 to DBA 2.0 Upgrade with Harald van Breederode last year,  we had many requests to share our views on entry level Oracle DBAs who may be totally new, or who may have moved into the DBA role from Operations, Development or from other technology areas.  We have now written another article called Installing Oracle  DBA 1.0 to share our own experiences in learning Oracle and to provide advice based on our experience in the Oracle DBA Classroom.


2 Responses to “Skills and Training Plans for New Oracle DBAs”

  1. I suggest you look at the oracle certification website to see the skills tested on the OCA
    and then prepare based on this.

  2. raymond said

    Hi…I plan to take the 10g OCA follow by OCP..

    Currently i’m a team lead of a group of hardcore DBA , although i seldom get myself into ‘dirty’ hand but i do follow up and discuss with my team on how-to.

    I got my SQL paper on 2006 , now i plan to move to OCA by end of this year..what might be your advice?

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