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By: Joel Goodman

Oracle DBA Certification Exam Development Process

Posted by Joel Goodman on 17/04/2009

I have posted details in the past on preparing for Oracle DBA Certification Tests but if you are UK based and a member of the UKOUG then you may be interested in my presentation at the UKOUG UNIX Special Interest Group on May 20th, 2009. Here are the details.


3 Responses to “Oracle DBA Certification Exam Development Process”

  1. raviraj said

    hi guys, i am raviraj. can you suggest me the which DBAs oracle certification course is useful for me . actually i am very confused, i have done BCA and i want to do DBAs certification course.i have no idea about that .so guys please guide me for my future . Is this better for me?????

  2. OU courses are designed to meet the needs of Oracle DBAs and the curriculum is the result of a careful design process incorporating instructional design methodologies and suggestions from Oracle trainers and Oracle University students.
    Certification tests are based on the OU course objectives but are not entirely based on course content. Test candidates are expected to integrate and apply their course knowledge to new situations and to demonstrate that they know how to use their skills to meet technical or business objectives. Preparing for the tests is best done by a blended approach including course attendance, self-study, and practical experience with the product. For prospective test candidates not currently working at an Oracle installation, the best way to get hands-on experience is to visit, download Oracle products and play with the system. After courses, self-study and hands-on do a gap-analysis of one’s own skills against the exam objectives.

  3. Good day, Joel,

    As I am not a member of the UK OUG, I cannot download your presentation. I would love to see, however. *grin*

    I have been very curious about Oracle’s certification process and have been talking to a few folks about it. First, I find that the multiple choice nature of the OCA and OCP leave a lot to be desired, not to mention Oracle’s monopoly on prerequisite classes. The OCM was a bit more satisfying as a testing method; however, after passing it I must say that it seems like an excellent test for basic skills. Granted, the last part of the practicum goes beyond the scope of “basic”, but I felt that it did a much better job at assessing the practicality of one’s knowledge.

    How does Oracle determine which skills are fundamental? Obviously, prospective DBAs can get a flavor by viewing the exam goals of the many certification tests. Yet I find that the progression from OCA to OCP is not exactly clear, with a lot of apparent overlap in the cert exams. Even going to OCM, which has a lot of (unnecessary) enigma, has a bit of overlap in terms of fundamental skills that are covered.

    Lastly, I have been unsatisfied with the technical hands-on aspect of the current certification plans. According to Oracle’s website, the hands-on requirement is met via expensive classroom training. And unless one is very lucky, one could end up with a very watered-down in-class lab experience, whether due to instructor mediocrity or technical difficulties (or both). Most instructor-led training is extremely heavy on lecture material, leaving little room for students to get their hands dirty. And yes, these are the classes that are required for the “hands-on” portion of certification (OCP in particular).

    I hope your presentation goes well, and I hope you have excellent discourse with your audience. I look foward to your reply when you get a chance. =)


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