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By: Joel Goodman

Virtual Oracle DBA 2.0

Posted by Joel Goodman on 01/04/2009

You may remember the paper that I co-wrote last year with Harald van Breederode on DBA 2.0 skills. Following on from this success we introduce The Virtual DBA 2.0. Virtual DBAs are like  virtual machines, which are hosted on a real machine possibly along with one or more other virtual machines running the same or different operating systems at the same or different times on the same hardware. The DBA variety permits one person to perform a much wider range of tasks and to have a much wider range of skills that a conventianal DBA 2.0. This includes doing all DBA jobs

1. Serially

2. In Parallel

3. In any combination of Language or Country

Since Virtual DBAs look like any other DBA it may be useful to know how to recognise  them. They typically:

1.  Know details of All Operating Systems Supporting Oracle

2.  Know details of all Storage Systems supported by Oracle

3. Know the details of all Network Systems and protocols used by Oracle

4. Seem to lack consistant concentration as if they are only there some of the time. But they dont realise that they ar only there some of the time.

5. Seem to leave the room whenever another person suspected of being a virtual DBA enters. This can be a serious problem if many virtual DBAs work in the same place and requires a hardware assist.

6. Seem to think that virtual machines are real but that other virtual DBAs are not. A virtual phone network will permit these Virtual DBAs to communicate.

7. Are very sensitive to criticism from others when proposing new ideas especially when people say “That will never work! Get Real!” If the Virtual DBA does get real it may have serious consequences for other Virtual DBAs but has no affect on real DBAs.

8. Freezes in a catatonic state when the words “virtually finished” are uttered so this expression must be removed from everyday speech.

By avoiding some unfortunate phrases and by exploiting a full range of Hardware, storage and network options plus some extra network options one may get maximal benefits from the virtual Oracle DBA 2.0.

You are virtually guaranteed that this will be a success.


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