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By: Joel Goodman

Are you Planning to Sit the RAC OCE Exam

Posted by Joel Goodman on 06/03/2009

If you are a RAC DBA and wish to gain accreditation for your expertise then the RAC Certified Expert Exam may be of interest to you. Some of my students in the DBA Classroom have sat this exam and gained the accreditation. If you are interested you may find this article co-authored with my friend and colleague for Oracle University Harald van Breederode useful.

>> Become an Oracle Certified Expert in RAC


2 Responses to “Are you Planning to Sit the RAC OCE Exam”

  1. Thank You…

    My idea use to prepare for RAC OCE Exam.
    – Learning Oracle RAC Presentration [Oracle University](10gR1) …more details about ASM
    – Learning Oracle RAC Presentration [Oracle University]((10gR2)
    – Read Oracle Docs
    – Make testing on Lab
    – Learning from Oracle RAC SIG (


    Good Luck

  2. Thanks Joel. That was really good. Can you and Harald co-author something for OCE Linux also?


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